I Found My Match !!

First things first I am a man touching 45 and I am from London UK. Till recently I was single, actually divorced after a marriage of 12 years. My ex-wife was white and let’s just say that things didn’t wind up as they should have. Well, that’s life and you cannot hang on to sorrow forever. I believe that God has a plan for its mortals, so no matter how horrid life becomes, there is always a silver lining to everything that happens to a man. Although I got divorced and was lonely, this phase of my life opened me up to explore some options. I have had a bad experience with a white woman so that trauma led me to explore the beauty of black women. I was looking for some ebony love and was frequently trying my luck in both offline and online world.

To tell you, folks, the truth, I have always been attracted to hot black women and somehow knew that they really are caring and know how to take care of their men folks in every possible way. So, that’s how my journey for searching a black girlfriend cum companion began. I searched for top interracial dating sites looking for that perfect soul mate. Most of the listings were pretty bogus and were costly. Can you believe it that I almost shelled out 200 pounds on these sites without any luck? All that I could find were gold diggers and paid service providers. Hope was lost and dreams were shattered. The reason being that I was not looking for cam sex kind of service but was seeking a genuinely loving relationship, not some one night stand.

I was on verge of giving up on my dreams of an interracial relationship and interracial dating when I stumbled upon this great website. Interracialmatch.com really surprised me with their service especially after the sour experience of other similar websites which I had previously subscribed to.

Till now you have been reading my melancholy strain but now comes the joyous part. This website really changed my life and for good. If you ask me it’s the best interracial match website that you can ever visit and use. Firstly the basic account is absolutely free. You can browse around and have a feeler before paying for the subscription. I know there are many people putting all sort of verdicts on this website, but trust me all the negatives are just not true. The price is really cheap, to say the least. The 1-month subscription will all the features is just 39.95 USD, there is also an option for 3 months and 6-months subscription for just 24.98 USD and 19.99 USD per month respectively. You can sign up using your Facebook account and a regular email based sign up service also exists.

It’s cheap and really cares for its customers. There is a tinder style interface for quick contacts plus the user base is really huge. It’s like a complete dating social network. Well, I found what I was looking for in a weeks’ time. It would be best to just signup for the service and experience first-hand the quality service that this website provides.




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